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5 Smarter Ways to Facilitate a Stress-Free Move

Are you preparing for a move now or in the near future? In addition to searching for and selecting the moving services company in the Twin Cities Metro Area that will best meet your needs, add the following tips to your moving process.
With some prep work and thinking ahead, your move will go much more smoothly, allowing you to enjoy your new home even sooner!

Create an inventory

While you’re packing, make a list of what you are putting into each box. Then, label each box accordingly, including with the room in your house or apartment where the box should be placed.
Though these steps take a bit more time than quickly putting everything into a box without labeling it, when you arrive in your new home, you’ll have a much easier time finding everything. Not only that, but you and the movers you hire will be able to identify right away the correct room they should place a particular box in.

Take advantage of technology

Your smartphone can be a helpful tool as you prepare to move. You can use your camera to take a photo of what’s in each box as you’re packing it. You can also use the notes options on your phone to make lists, such as of packing supplies you’ll need or tasks you want to accomplish each day. The ability to make lists on your phone is especially useful when you’re on the go.
Also, moving-related apps offer time-saving tips and organizational advice that you can put to good use.

Allow time for each step

Plan to pack a certain small amount per day leading up to your move (one box, for example). That way, you won’t feel as easily overwhelmed by your move, and you’ll be in the routine of making progress each day.
In addition, build in some extra time for each part of the prepping and moving process in case the unexpected happens. You’ll appreciate the breathing room, and you can devote your full attention to tasks such as packing and unpacking so that you don’t feel rushed or preoccupied.

Prepare your new home before you move

If circumstances allow, do all of the prep work in your new home before you move. When you arrive to move in, your new space will be ready and you can begin getting unpacked and settling in right away.
Additionally, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in working order and that you won’t need to call a technician or other professional to come and perform repairs while you are still getting settled in.

Hire professional movers

Turn to the experts to help with your move if you have a lot of things or know that you’ll have large items. Hiring professionals will go a long way toward helping you keep yourself safe during the move and allowing the move to take as little time as possible.

If you have questions about moving services in the Twin Cities Metro Area or are ready to hire professional movers as your move draws near, contact our expert team at Ruth Movers, Inc., at 612-332-3388. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and are proud to offer competitive prices and fast service.

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