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Avoid Fines by Knowing Your City’s Road Restrictions When Hiring a Moving Company in Minneapolis

Moving seems simple enough, right? You pack up your belongings, book professional movers, your stuff gets loaded onto the truck and off you go to your new home. But there is one major thing that your movers know about that may be new information to you: city and county road restrictions. These restrictions are typically based on the time of the year and the location where a large vehicle, such as a big moving truck, wants to park on the street. Between your good research skills or your mover’s knowledge on the road restrictions that have been put in place, it’s less likely that anyone will be caught off guard come moving day.


Whether you decide to pack up and drive a large moving truck without professional help or hire a moving company in Minneapolis, you need to be aware of your city’s road restrictions in order to avoid hefty fines.


Here are some important points to know about city road restrictions for Minneapolis and many cities in the Twin Cities Metro Area:


  • One of the restrictions that movers in Minneapolis and some surrounding cities face is the inability to park on residential streets—not because the truck is not physically able to, but because they are banned from parking in certain residential areas. If truck drivers ignore this rule, they are liable to get ticketed.
  • Road stability can become compromised under the weight of large moving trucks—usually caused by trucks weighing several tons per axle—and roads are dangerous when covered in solid or thawing ice. Therefore, safety is the primary reason for road restrictions being placed on oversize vehicles.
  • Although a moving company in Minneapolis may be able to obtain a city or town permit to park in restricted areas for the day, not all will succeed. In the event that an area does not issue permits, you should let your movers know as soon as possible so they can make the proper arrangements to deliver your belongings. It’s also important to know that not all cities will grant permits on the day of your move. Plan ahead!
  • For a normal schedule in the state of Minnesota, road regulation laws for their cities begin March 1 and remain in effect through May 15. However, road regulations are subject to change from city to city. Since this is the case, make sure you or your moving company contacts the particular city or cities involved in your move.
  • A note to new residents moving in from out-of-state: To avoid finding tickets and other parking fines on your mover’s trucks, give the town or city you’re moving to a call to ensure you don’t break any road restrictions that may currently be in place. Then, inform your movers.
Need a professional moving company in Minneapolis for a residential or commercial move? If so, contact the knowledgeable folks at Ruth Movers, Inc. today! When it comes to road restrictions for movers in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Metro Area, we work hard to make sure we are in the know on updates and changes.
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