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At Ruth Movers, Inc., we love moving—and we love moving with you. As one of the premier moving services in Minneapolis since 1960, we have been doing what we love for more than 50 years! We’re with you during every stage of the move, from planning to packing to move-in day.


But in some ways, the saddest part is the ending because, while we’re such a big part of your lives before and during the move, it’s a rough and abrupt ending leaving you at the end of move-in to face your new space and future alone. We want to hear how that new space shapes your future, and we want to know how it all turns out.


Most importantly, however, we want to know how our services helped you shape that new future. We love our work, but we also love hearing about what happens after it ends.


One of our favorite parts of the work we do is receiving reviews from you after our work is finished. But sometimes it’s the most forgotten part of our time together. We get it. Writing a review can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re facing a new space and all of the changes that come with that.


So today we’re sharing a few pointers to help you structure the most helpful review possible for us. A review that covers a structured analysis of these topics is the most helpful review, not only for helping us shape our future moving services, but also for other clients to give them some helpful advice:


  • How did you find us? There are a million and one ways to find services and companies for your needs, so how did you hear about us? Was it through a friend? Google search? Social media? Advertising?
  • Why did you choose us? What made you decide to move with us? Was it for convenience, our specific moving services or our location? Was it because of good reviews? (We hope so!)
  • What was the best part about moving with us? Maybe you have experience moving with other companies, and maybe not. But what did you particularly like about working with us? Was it the convenience? Our good attitude? Our organization?
  • Did we face any specific challenges together? Moving will often present mini emergencies. Did we work out any big challenge during your move, such as safely transporting oddly-shaped furniture or helping you organize and inventory your stuff?
  • Would you recommend us to others? And why? Were we easy to get in contact with? Were we easy to work with? Were we professional? What sort of results did you get by working with us? Were you happy? Are you still?


Detailed reviews are so incredibly valuable to us that we can’t even begin to thank you for them. And beyond getting some great feedback for our business and moving services, we absolutely love hearing about your experiences with our moving services in Minneapolis and how we helped you during this incredible period of change and transition.

So go ahead! Click any of the following links to leave us a review on Facebook, Yelp or Google+ and share your thoughts. Ruth Movers, Inc. wants to hear from you!

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