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How to Unclutter Your Home Before a Move

Make life easier for yourself before a move by reducing the amount of items you have. Keep only the necessary things and dispense with what no longer serves any meaningful purpose. Read the following advice on reducing the clutter in your home:

It’s Cheaper to Move Fewer Things

The more items you have, the more expensive it will be to move them to your new address. The weight of the shipment is the determining factor on how much the moving cost will be. You can opt to sell some of the items you no longer need online or at a garage sale to make money. The extra cash earned can be used toward the moving costs.

Making Decisions

It’s a good idea to start sorting one room at a time and focusing on the big items before the smaller items. You should keep the items that you deem valuable, such as jewelry or computer equipment, or must-have items, such as your bed, your TV, your bookcase and your sofa. The things that are useless, such as worn-out, broken or damaged items, should be thrown away while the unwanted and unnecessary items will require you to choose whether to repair, keep, sell, recycle or donate them.

Keep your moving costs minimal and remove unneeded items from your home. To learn more about how to unclutter your home before a move, contact the skilled movers at Ruth Movers, Inc. today.

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