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Types of Packaging Material to Use When Placing Fragile Items in Storage in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Packing Material
When you are packing up your home and moving things into storage, it is likely that you will have a number of items that are fragile. Because these items can be easily damaged or destroyed, you will have to find the proper packaging materials to keep them safe and protected. There are a number of packaging materials you can use to keep your belongings in good condition while they are in storage, but certain ones are more common and better at protecting your items overall.


Here are some of the different types of packaging materials that should be used when placing fragile items in storage in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota:


  • Packing peanuts: Packaging material is meant to hold your item in place and offer extra protection while it is being transported and stored, which is why packing peanuts work so well. When using packing peanuts, the goal is to fill voids within the boxes in which you have packed your fragile items. They are small and will pretty much fit into any empty space of the box, so you can be sure your item will not move around in the box while being transported.
  • Paper: Paper is a packaging material that many already have on hand, just lying around their home, which is why it is a very common packing material. From newspaper to more heavy-duty options, paper will always work when you are looking to avoid breaking any of your belongings. When using paper as a packaging material, you can either wrap it around the item or ball the paper up into a wad and use it to fill voids within the box.
  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap can be used to keep a number of fragile items safe while they are being moved to storage, but also while they are in storage. Because you wrap the bubble wrap around your item and secure it in place while in the box, the chances of your items being damaged are very slim. Bubble wrap works great for plates, lamps and various types of glass items.
  • Foam sheets: For those who need to pack and store large, fragile items like TVs and other electronics, foam sheets are another common packaging material of choice. Foam sheets are great for packaging because they are soft, but sturdy. In addition to them being used for TVs and electronics, they can also be used for glass items that you want to keep safe.


Not everyone has to use packaging materials when they are putting their items in storage, but it’s typically a good idea. When using packaging materials, there is no written rule stating that you need to choose only one when you want to protect your fragile items. You will want to make sure everything in your boxes is secure, and if it takes more than one packaging material to get the job done, then it will be worth it when your items are intact when you take them out of storage.

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