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Leave a Review for Your Professional Movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area!

Did you know that many businesses these days rely on their happy customers to evaluate them online? Whether you are aware or not, your reviews do matter! In fact, from getting to know their customers to seeing an increase in brand awareness as reviews get added, your online feedback is beneficial to moving companies just like Ruth Movers Inc. that serve Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Metro Area. Speaking of reviews, if you had a recent pleasant experience with us, we encourage you to share it with everyone online and on our social media.
Still not sure you want to leave a review after a move? In hopes that you will, here are some reasons why online customer reviews are important for the success of professional movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

To know what needs improvement

Any good business will want to know how to better serve its customers. By leaving a review, companies can discover the areas of service they should work on, and which are great. Issues can be resolved, while avoiding a repeat of an issue in the future. As a customer, you appreciate good service; as a business, you want to ensure a positive experience every time.

To improve online rankings

Businesses, like moving companies, are in a constant unspoken battle for a top spot on local and nationwide Internet searches. This is where you, the customer, come in. When you give a good review to a business on popular review sites like Google+, Yelp and Angie’s List, you are contributing to their online rankings. So if you were pleased with a service, let everyone know!

To provide extra SEO keywords

You may not be aware, but leaving a review for your professional movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area helps bulk up their keyword content. How? Every time a satisfied customer posts an online review with words specific to a company, that company’s chances of their website popping up in Internet searches increases. For example, the more that keywords related to moving are mentioned in online reviews, the greater the chance that other potential clients will be able to find your moving company in a search.

To bring in more reviews

Let’s say a customer hasn’t left a review, but they keep seeing others’ reviews all over the Internet. It’s a simple thing, yet seeing the same thing time and time again may eventually lead to more reviews. This is similar to the herd mentality phenomenon, wherein a crowd of people all react based on a reaction made by one person in a group. In the case of positive online reviews, this is a good thing, because the more reviews your business receives, the better.

Reviewing professional movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area is definitely much appreciated. With that in mind, if you were satisfied with your moving experience with our team at Ruth Movers, Inc. and have a few minutes to spare, please jump online and leave us a review on Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List or Google+. We’d really appreciate it!



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