5 Smarter Ways to Facilitate a Stress-Free Move

Are you preparing for a move now or in the near future? In addition to searching for and selecting the moving services company in the Twin Cities Metro Area that will best meet your needs, add the following tips to your moving process. With some prep work and thinking ahead, your move will go much […]

Happy with Moving Services in Minneapolis? Leave a Review!

At Ruth Movers, Inc., we love moving—and we love moving with you. As one of the premier moving services in Minneapolis since 1960, we have been doing what we love for more than 50 years! We’re with you during every stage of the move, from planning to packing to move-in day.   But in some […]

Six Packing Tips from Residential Movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area

At Ruth Movers, Inc., we’ve seen it all—neat packing, messy packing and really messy packing. We’ve seen tears and laughter and mental breakdowns when customers think they lost the dog’s cage or the toothbrush or simply can’t find the essentials for the first night in the new house. And that’s all stressful. As professional residential […]

How to Unclutter Your Home Before a Move

Make life easier for yourself before a move by reducing the amount of items you have. Keep only the necessary things and dispense with what no longer serves any meaningful purpose. Read the following advice on reducing the clutter in your home: It’s Cheaper to Move Fewer Things The more items you have, the more […]

Have a Moving Company in Minneapolis Pack and Store Your Belongings

The biggest hassle of moving is often the packing. Making sure that everything is safe and secure during the moving process can cause stress as you try to find enough boxes and packing materials for every item that you own. If you need to store your items for some time in between your move, this […]

Packing Tips from a Moving Company in Minneapolis

So, the time has come for you to prepare for your move and finally transition from one home to another. You’ve gotten your clothes, appliances and furniture squared away, but you’ll still have to figure out what is to be done with the rest of your household goods. Before the moving company arrives and starts […]

Leave a Review for Your Professional Movers in the Twin Cities Metro Area!

Did you know that many businesses these days rely on their happy customers to evaluate them online? Whether you are aware or not, your reviews do matter! In fact, from getting to know their customers to seeing an increase in brand awareness as reviews get added, your online feedback is beneficial to moving companies just […]